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Turkish Dried Food

Vegetable & Fruit

Mushroom-fine granules Pure- Oyster- Leaf Mushroom - (1-3 mm)
Mushroom-powder Pure- Oyster-Leaf Mushroom Powder (0-1mm)
Mushroom Pure- Oyster- Leaf mushroom (2-8mm)
Cultivated Mushrooms Without Powder Additive - Under Sieve 0-1 mm 
Semolina can be cultured mushrooms - No additives - 0.5-2 mm
Cultivated Mushroom Without Additive - 2-8 mm
Tomato powder 0-1 mm sulphurous/salted tomatoes baked without any additives
Tomato granules 1- 4 mm baked -sulphurous or salted
Tomato chunks Roasted-chopped tomato chunks 
Carrot powder 0-1 mm (with maltodextrin and sodium metabisulfite added) 
Carrot- granule fine 1-4 mm (with maltodextrin and sodium metabisulfite added)
Carrot- granular coarse 4-8 mm (with maltodextrin and sodium metabisulfite added) 
Cabbage powder Additive-Powder
Cabbage Granule No Additive - 2-12 mm
Green Pepper Bitter Powder 
Celery Leaf Powder No Additives - Powder
Celery squash granules No Additives- Granule 
Celery squash powder No Additives - Powder 
Leek Powder No Additives- powder 
Leek fine granules No additives - Fine granules 
Onion powder Anti-caking maltodextrin added 
Onion-fine granules 0.5-1 mm- imported 
Onion-medium-large 1-5 mm - imported 
Spinach granules No additives- granules
Spinach Pure - Powder
Beet Granule Granule-no additives
Beet Without Additive - Powder 
Broccoli powder 0-1 mm – without additives
Garlic powder Powder - Anti-caking added 
Garlic Fine granules -imported 
Capia pepper piece 
Parsley granules Granular without additives 
Green onion Pure piece 
Potato powder Powder
Capia Pepper Powder Powdered Capia Pepper

Vegetable Mix Parsley-onion-tomato-carrot-capia pepper (additional Plant Protection) 
Vegetable Mix fine Parsley-onion-tomato-carrot-capia pepper (additional Vegetation) 
Vegetable Mix powder Parsley-onion-tomato-carrot-capia pepper (additional Plant Protection)
Menemen Mix Onion, capia pepper, green pepper, tomato

Rose powder Powder - 0-1mm 
Rose petal leaf 

Bud rose pink imported

Orange Powder Powder- Contains anti-caking.
Strawberry powder Powder-pure 
Mandarin Powder Contains Dust-Caggregation Protector. 
Lemon Powder Powder- Contains caking protector. 
Apple Powder Made of sun penny 
Quince Powder is made of sun penny 

Orange chips Slide delivery 
Strawberry chips Slide presentation-no additives
Cut Apricots cut baked-2. quality 
Fruit mix Grape-fig-apricot-apple
Fruit Cake Mixture Contains apple, grape, fig, apricot, carrot, lemon peel, orange peel.
Pomegranate Seeds Pomegranate Seeds 
Persian grape 


Product Feature Price (TL/kg)

Boiled assemblies chickpea flour Precooked- powder
Boiled records Rice Soup, Rice Pudding 
Cooked red lentil meal Boiled Dried red lentil meal 
Yoghurt Powder 

Cheese powder Curd cheese powder - pure

Product Feature Price (TL/kg)
Teapot Apple Sun-dried - teapot 
Orange peel-powder Powder 
Orange Peel teapot
Lemon peel powder
Green tea buds
Turmeric powder 
Turmeric fine piece 1-5mm 
Cinnamon powder
Cinnamon flakes 1-5 mm 
Ginger Powder-pure
Ginger 1-4 mm 
Ginger 4-8 mm 

Pomegranate Shell Baked sizes are the size of the teapot.
Dried fruit tea Hibiscus, apple, rosehip, sage, lemon peel, orange bark contains Cinnamon. 
Pomegranate Peel Powder

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