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Sage Leaves

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Premium Quality Turkish Sage Leaves

Product description:

Turkish Sage Leaves,100% Mediterranean Sage Leaves

Wild Dried Sage Leaf,Salvia Leaves

Botanical Name: Salvia Fruticosa and Salvia Tribola

Storage: Store in cool, dry place

Product of Orijne: Turkey

Flavor: Aromatic, slightly bitter, fresh, savory

Sage Leaves Whole HPS (Hand Picked Select)
Sage Rubbed (Extra)
Sage Rubbed (Regular)

Net 15 kg. Cartons (for HPS)
Net 12.5 kg. Paper Bags

About this item

  • Arselia Premium Dried Sage Leaves, Wild Sage leaves

  • These are Turkish Premium Wild Sage from the mountains of South Aegean, Whole sage leaves extra aromatic.

  • 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free Ingredients

  • Sustainably Farmed Grown Herbicide & Pesticide Free

WHAT IS SAGE LEAF : Wild Sage from the mountains of South Aegean and Mediterranean. Sage is an astringent, antiseptic, tonic herb, with a camphor-like aroma. The aromatic leaf from the sage leaves, The bittersweet, spicy leaves impart their pungent flavour to a variety of dishes and ingredients, making sage a versatile store cupboard ingredient.

Sage is a term used for plants of the genus Salvia of the mint family, Lamiaceae. The name Salvia comes from the Latin verb salvare, "to heal or redeem". As an herb, sage is considered to have a slight peppery flavor. 


FARMING AND HARVESTİNG: It is collected and gathered by farmers from nature and from the mountains. No farming for this item.There are 2 varieties collected from nature: “Fruticosa” and “Triloba”. Variety has a better smell and much higher Volatile Oil (around % 2 ml). The offered leaves are tested on various parameters of quality.Our sage leaves are dried out and then cut and sifted to create a flavorful blend.


HOW TO USE SAGE  LEAVES: In Western cooking, it is used for flavoring fatty meats (especially as a marinade), cheeses, and some drinks.Sage is used with onion for poultry or pork stuffing and also in sauces.This material can be used as a culinary herb, tea aromatic and pharmaceutical.Burning Turkish Sage is an eco-friendly way of giving off a satisfying aroma.


A VERSATILE INGREDIENT: Sage leaves are a very common ingredient found in homemade stuffing around the world. The minty flavor enhances entrees and prepared meals alike! It goes great with rosemary or garlic herbs and powders to enhance pork chops, stews, chicken, and more.

PURE AND FINEST FLAVOR:We can guarantee 100% that you will be amazed as soon you open it, the smell is incredibly fresh and pure, the flavor is so Mediterranean that it will enhance any food you are preparing.

FLAVORFUL AND AROMATIC: The fuzzy, gray-green leaves of sage carry a sweet and earthy flavor with a minty, menthol-like aroma. This minty, yet earthy flavor also carries hints of pine, making this a great addition to holiday dishes.


NATURAL PLUS GREEN PROMISES: This sage leaves spice is 100% natural and non-irradiated. All sage leaves are natural without additive, coloring or gmo.


HAND SELECTED AND PACKED: Sage Leaves are carefully packaged to preserve the leaf integrity. Hand packed in resealable bags to ensure the highest quality and freshness. Sage Leaves packed into an airtight ziplock bag, which allows the product to stay fresh and aroma for a long time. Store in a sealed container in a cool,dry place.

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